Goal Achievement

Operating objective and target of the Group of the Company

Our resolution to integrated maritime logistics business is to generate sustainable substantial and abstract profit to stakeholders and determine to be “leader in energy transportation of Thailand achieving sustainable growth” The Company is willing to connect to all parties to support and develop community, society and country moving forward which can create better quality of life for local people accordingly.

Operating strategy of the Group of the Company

For maximum effective operation that will generate worthwhile achievement and cause interest to all stakeholders, the Company Group has determined the direction and policy of strategic operation by dividing into two important aspects which are service strategy and marketing strategy, as per below details.

  1. Service strategy
    The Company Group plans the customer service in each type of business to cover customer demand and satisfaction both in term of working quality and service. The element of such strategy includes the following.
    1. The Company Group focuses on One-stop Service with the service element as follows:
      • Focus on service of quality fleet and meet the different customer demand
      • Focus on expert ship management under the relevant laws, requirements, and regulations
      • Focus on strict control of service quality, resulting in safety of vessel operation and cargo, and punctuality of required customer schedule
    2. The Company Group focus on producing personnel team with high knowledge, ability, comprehension, and experience in the Company’s business, laws, regulations, and standard i.e., executive team, operational supporting personnel team, and seafarers.
    3. The Company Group focus on maintain the domestic shipment leadership with continuous growth of revenue and shipment volume, aiming at developing its services and business, select the potential and experienced staffs for growth support, retain staffs with good working performance, and seek for opportunity to increase the shipment proportion in the domestic oil trader companies.
    4. The Company Group focus on expand its business and enhance the potential in foreign market business with the international operating standard and accepted by the foreign customers.
    5. The Company Group focus on customer care in term of Long-Term Partnership through preparedness of human resources and capital that can enhance the serviceability and increase navigating routes in both domestic and international regions, and closely takes care of its customers throughout service period.
    6. The Company Group focus on effective operating cost management under purchase planning of materials and equipment, and maintenance service including evaluating the price and quality in making decision on selection of business partner by considering on comparison of more than two business partners to enhance price negotiation in another way.
  2. Marketing strategy
    The marketing strategy of the Group of the Company is to retain and expand customer base to create the business partner to be long-term business alliances and reduce risk from price cutback competition as follows.
    1. The Company focus on retention of potential brokerage network that performs the supply of vessels or cargo both domestic and foreign market. This can enhance competitiveness to the Company Group and increase efficiency in seeking for new vessels and works in the supplying market of trading, FSU vessel and Offshore vessel.
    2. The Company Group focus on marketing management to enhance the efficiency of ship utilization and competition potential.
    3. The Company Group focus on customer satisfaction survey on services for improvement of services before, during and after shipment of cargo.