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Financial Statement Quarter 3/2023

Nature of service provision

The Group Company provides its transport service to customers operating oil refineries and to major oil traders for marine transportation of goods from different sources to destinations; whereas, the Group Company shall provide effective oil tankers to meet customers’ demands shall also provide crew members who have knowledge, abilities and expertise for safe transportation of goods in accordance with customers’ demands as well as for performance of works as per conditions agreed between the Group Company and its customers.

Goods transported by the group company

Goods transported by the Company by ship are liquid goods; whereas, the Company has its expertise in transporting crude oil, petroleum products, semi-petroleum products and liquefied petroleum such as gasoline, diesel fuel, A1 jet fuel, Naphtha, Cyclohexane, Ethanol, Paraxylene, mixed xylene and Toluene, etc.

Domestic transport routes

Oil tankers of the Group Company shall pick up goods from oil refineries, fuel depots or ports of loading in Thailand such as Sri Racha, Rayong and Bangkok (Bangchak) and shall deliver goods at fuel depots or ports of discharge in Thailand such as SuratThani, SamutSakhon, Phuket, Songkhla and Bangkok; whereas, the Group Company shall use oil tankers with the capacity of 2,000-10,000 DWT for transport.

Oil tankers used in service provision

Oil tankers are regarded as a key part of business operation; whereas, the Group Company shall select oil tankers which are proper to customers’ demands by taking account of the following factors:

Nature and characteristics of goods

Capacity of oil tanks which shall be proper to customers’ demands and shall result in the most effective cost of transport for customers

Transport routes, depth of seaway and tidal height levels at ports of loading and ports of discharge, transport period

Vessel Approval List, in case, customers and the Company had COA transport contracts

As of 31th December 2021, the Group Company owned 34 small oil tankers (with the capacity of less than 10,000 DWT) and with average service life of approximately 15.4 years, as per the following details:

Capacity of less than

10,000 DWT

Avg Age

15.4 YEARS



List of oil tankers owned by the Group Company

Vessel Name Country of Vessel Registration Capacity (DWT) Ship Type
Siri Thana Thai 4,999.42 Trading
Sri Phuket Thai 4,999.00 Trading
Sri Nara Thai 4,999.00 Trading
Sri Tah Chana Thai 2,975.00 Trading
Sri Bandon Thai 3,138.83 Trading
Sri Tapee Thai 3,022.00 Trading
Sri Donsak Thai 3,020.76 Trading
Sri Khirichad Thai 4,988.00 Trading
Sri Kanchanadit Thai 2,911.00 Trading
Siri Pipat Thai 3,497.15 Trading
Sri Surat Thai 3,000.00 Trading
Sri Tahphet Thai 2,998.20 Trading
Sri Chaiya Thai 3,066.00 Trading
Sri Phumriang Thai 2,998.80 Trading
Sri Phunpin Thai 2,998.90 Trading
Sri Lamphu Thai 2,998.90 Trading
Bhureemas Thai 7,099.00 Trading
BIGSEA 9 Thai 1,929.00 Trading
BIGSEA 10 Thai 1,830.00 Trading
BIGSEA 14 Thai 2,473.00 Trading
BIGSEA 17 Thai 2,412.00 Trading
BIGSEA 20 Thai 1,907.00 Trading
BIGSEA 21 Thai 1,940.00 Trading
BIGSEA 101 Thai 3,200.00 Trading
BIGSEA 102 Thai 2,300.00 Trading
BIGSEA 103 Thai 2,300.00 Trading
BIGSEA 104 Thai 6,400.00 Trading
BIGSEA 105 Thai 3,187.00 Trading
BIGSEA 106 Thai 4,999.00 Trading
PHUBAI PATTRA 1 Thai 7,177.00 Trading
PHUBAI PATTRA 2 Thai 7,156.00 Trading
PHUBAI PATTRA 4 Thai 2,584.00 Trading
PHUBAI PATTRA 5 Thai 3,526.32 Trading
PHUBAI NADDA 1 Thai 2,677.00 Trading
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