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Annual Registration Statement / Annual Report for the Year (Form 56-1 One Report) Year 2022
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Financial Statement Quarter 3/2023

Mr. Bowon Vongsinudom

Chairman of the Board of Directors

In 2022, Thailand economic has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting many businesses more normally operate after the international transport control reinstatement and open border of Thailand, especially tourism business and both domestic and international transport that highly improve in the second half of the year. The energy and crude oil price is still fluctuated by the Russia-Ukraine war situation, while the oil and natural gas drilling in Gulf of Thailand is continued and tended to increase in 2023.

Prima Marine Public Company Limited has been successful by acquiring Thaioil Marine Company Limited with the expansion of domestic petroleum transportation business, offshore support business, and international crude oil transportation for the stable growth since 2021, gaining full benefit from such country economic recovery. In 2022, the Company gain profit up to 2,322 Million Baht, which is higher than the set goal and higher than 2021 net profit at 52 percent.

The success in potential and rapidly business management is the major factor, resulting 2022 Company’s operation sharply grows in all aspect. This is the main mechanism balancing in the group in terms of the size and ability to regularly gain income and resulting overall Company turnover to be long-term sustainably stable according to the goal.

In terms of future growth, the Company has planned the strategy focusing sustainability of the domestic business. Giving precedence more on the management leading to Carbon Footprint reduction in every Company’s procedure, which related to the industrial direction and expectation of the international customer, covers 1) Carefully and continuously investment for the Company’s fleets to be updated, consumed less energy, and reduce greenhouse gas according to the neutral carbon direction and less average age; 2) Develop petrochemical vessel for the constantly expanding market; 3) Support the domestic sailing industrial to revise the standard of the commercial sailing and the remuneration of the worker to be appropriate and the variation environment and to be able competing with other industry in order to gain more motivation for the student in the commercial sailing; and 4) Give conscientiously precedence on the environment quality and natural supply as the leader domestic marine transportation organization with the adequacy of human resource and strong finance to expand to foreign market.

The Company gives precedence for sustainable operation in all aspect by adhering to the principles of Good Corporate Governance, transparency, and verifiability, along with all subsidiaries are also supervised to jointly develop the sustainability by conducting businesses in accordance with good governance principles with responsibility to all stakeholders, concerns on environment and society, and the anti-corruption is also strictly supported. In 2022, the Company remains at the rated of 5 stars or “Excellent CG” on corporate governance and was certified as a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC). In terms of sustainable development, the Company has joined as a member of Climate Action Initiator established under Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN) project of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Pubic Organization) (TGO) with the goal to cooperate between public and private sectors in reducing greenhouse gas emission.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our appreciation to management team and all employees for cooperation with determination and dedication to enable the Company to reach goal in 2022, and would like to thank all shareholders and stakeholders, including all related parties in always entrusting, believing, and supporting the Company and would like all to be ensured that the Company will operate under the Good Governance for the stable growth and all stakeholders’ most advantage.