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Technical Superintendent

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Marine Superintendent

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Technical Superintendent


29 ตุลาคม 2562
  • To manage and monitor the daily operation of the number of vessels assigned to him in accordance with the vessel trading and commercial requirements
  • Evaluate and monitor the required reporting from the vessels, act as required and inform other office sections and external bodies as is relevant
  • Monitor and follow up class and statutory certification status, condition of class and arrange for the necessary surveys
  • Follow up and monitor repairs and services
  • Visit vessels regularly (at least three times a year) and prepare visit reports
  • Advise Masters and Chief Engineers on important matters
  • Review monthly cost and financial reports before sending to technical manager for approval
  • Prepare input for the annual budgets for the vessels
  • Review the docking/PMS reports prepared by the managers and comment on the job scope, cost and planning
  • Attend the ship during dd and review the work progress. Review the final docking report and expense.
  • Follow up purchasing, monitor the orders from the vessel ensuring that they submitted in a timely fashion
  • Review and verify invoices for payment as per DOA
  • Liaise with the Insurance Manager in claims handling
  • Be part of Company’s emergency response team and audit team
  • Monitor and Follow up the onboard maintenance system (BASSNET MAINTENANCE) for overdue items
  • Control and monitor the filing system
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marine engineer
  • At least 5-years shipboard experience as engineer
  • English literacy (Speaking, Writing and Reading) TOEIC score >550 up
  • Computer literacy (Microsoft office, Email, Internet)
  • Knowledge of Oil Tanker safety and operational procedures
  • Presentation and data analysis skill
If you are interested in this position, please contact us.
Tel. 02-398-7885-6 Ext 541
Marine Superintendent


27 มิถุนายน 2560
  • Audit Management; audit operation, improve both the internal and external checklist of the ship, NC process management.
  • Meeting Management : Safety Committee Meeting and report
  • Safety Operation Management; Safe Training, Environmental training, awareness and competency
  • Security Operation Management; monitoring the security of the ship.
  • Risk assessment
  • Commercial Management; Terminal Operation and Management, Stock operation, Ship vetting & Register operation, Terminal regulation operation and safety operation
  • Data operation and CRM management
  • Thai, 27-35 years old
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Maritime or Logistics Management
  • At least 1 year work experience in master or 2 years in second officer or 3 years in third officer.
  • Master Mariner (Class 1) Preferable
  • Good command of English language ( Speaking, Writing and Reading)
  • Computer literacy (Microsoft office, Email, Internet)